It Has Begun…

This Sunday, Grassroots will gather at the Prairie Street Brewhouse for the first time.

This past week, the Prairie Street Brewhouse began a huge phase of construction.  The whole project involves taking a building that has been largely empty and abandoned, and completely transforming it into a hub of activity in the heart of downtown.  This was a picture from the first day of work.  Above it was this caption:

“It has begun…taking the brick out of windows that have been bricked up for decades.”

A mentor once told me that looking at God is a lot like looking out windows at the sky.  It is impossible to see all everything.  But each window gives us another glimpse of a God who is large, and beautiful, and breathtaking.

As I saw this picture, I could not help but think about all the people who have had their God-windows bricked up for decades.  I am not sure who put the bricks there.  Some, I am sure, have put them up themselves.  Most, I believe, have had their windows bricked up by other people and experiences.

Windows that have been bricked up for decades.

Bricks that block out the light.

I cannot help but think the work that the construction crews are doing right now is the exact same work God has called us to do as a church.  I am excited…

“It has begun… taking the bricks out of windows that have been bricked up for years.”