Recommended Reading

  Here are a few book recommendations.

If your only learning takes place during my sermons, you are in trouble 😉  Reading is a great source of wisdom.  Books will improve your faith (and life) significantly more than Facebook! 🙂

*Feel free to leave your own book recommendations


On Prayer:

Hearing God (Willard)

Deepening Your Conversation with God (Patterson)

Practicing the Presence of God (Brother Lawrence)

The Rest of God (Buchanan)

Thoughts in Solitude (Merton)



On Church:

 Your Church is too Safe (Buchanan)

No Perfect People Allowed (Burke)

Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire (Cymbala)

Organic Church (Cole)

Tangible Kingdom (Halter and Smay)

AND (Halter and Smay)


On the Christian Life:

 Your God is Too Safe (Buchanan)

The Irresistible Revolution (Claiborne)

Ragamuffin Gospel (Manning)

Practice Resurrection (Peterson)

Divine Conspiracy (Willard)


On Theology and Mission:

 Jesus and the Victory of God (N.T. Wright)

King Jesus Gospel (McKnight)

Mission of God (Christopher Wright)

The Shaping of Things to Come (Hirsh and Frost)

Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places (Peterson)

The Jesus Way (Peterson)



On Leadership:

 In the Name of Jesus (Nouwen)

Organic Leadership (Cole)


On Church and Culture:

 They Like Jesus but Not the Church (Kimball)

UnChristian (Kinnaman and Lyons)

You’ve Lost Me (Kinnaman)


Fun Reads:

 Blue Like Jazz (Miller)

Let Me Tell You a Story (Campolo)

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years (Miller)

Love Does (Bob Goff)

Why the Church Needs More Bartenders (Hinz)