Thanks and Trust

give-thanks 3

For many of us, trusting God is hard. 

People rarely say this, especially in church.  But it is written all over their lives.  And mine. 

To solve this problem, we separate what we confess from what we practice. 

We confess that God is trustworthy.  We confess we surrender to Him.  We confess our lives- our time, our resources, our decisions- our in His hands.  We confess we trust God completely. 

We practice trusting only in ourselves.  We practice a life of scrambling to maintain control.  We practice avoiding letting God get into the details of our lives.  We practice keeping God at a distance from our decisions, our money, and our time. 

Of course, trusting God is rock solid decision.  God’s hands are steady, and ours our shaky.  Trusting God is always a wiser decision than trusting ourselves.

But how do we get there?  Thanksgiving.

There is a direct relationship between giving thanks and trust!

Do you want to more fully trust God?  Give thanks!  Thank God for what he has done and what he has given.Remember His faithfulness. Remember His provision.  Remember His goodness.  Remember what He had done for you.  As you do, give Him thanks.

As you thank God, you will more easily trust Him. 

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to deepen your trust in God.