Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Grassroots exists to make disciples who advance the kingdom revolution of Jesus in the world.  


Our Values

Simplicity. We believe in the power and simplicity of the gospel. We strive to not make church overly complicated or programmed. We trust in the simplicity of God’s presence and the power of Jesus’ teachings.

Intimacy with God. We don’t want people to become religious; we want to people to know and love God. We value fostering a deep, intimate relationship with a God who knows us by name.

Radical Love. We believe love is the defining characteristic of Jesus followers. This means if your faith makes you hate people, you are doing it wrong. We value a love that is more powerful than the things that divide us, and desire to extend that love to ALL people.

Messiness. We believe that if life is messy, church will be a little messy too. We do not want to paly church and hide who we really are. We value being real and authentic. And we accept the messiness that comes with it. We embrace the journey.

Truth. We believe in helping people discover the truth about God and themselves in a grace-filled way. We believe in creating a culture where truth is sought after, shared and celebrated. This means we love each other enough to be honest.

 Mission. We believe that lost people matter to God, and therefore, they matter to the church. We believe we live in a broken world, and God has called us to help fix it. This means we intentionally partner with God to help change the world that is, into the world that ought to be.

Spiritual Growth/Discipleship. We believe that Jesus followers should hunger to grow and become more like Jesus. This means we are intentional about being students of Jesus and living out his teachings. We believe every Christ follower’s primary goal is to grow more like Jesus.

Relationships. We believe that the church is a family and is relational to its core. We believe Jesus came to restore our relationship with God, ourselves, each other, and creation. This means relationships are of the utmost value. We strive for real and authentic community.

Holistic Faith. We believe that our faith should transform all areas of our lives. We believe following Jesus naturally leads to a deep and robust life, not shallow religious clichés. This means Monday through Saturday matter just as much as Sunday.

Diversity. We believe the church should reflect the diversity found in the kingdom of God.  We believe the gospel is for people of all ages, incomes, races, and backgrounds.  Everyone has a seat at the table.