Our Culture

 Culture is that intangible thing we feel when we step in a church.  It is almost impossible to define, but essential to understand.  We believe the culture of our church should be shaped by Jesus.  And Jesus was filled to the brim with grace and truth (John 1:14). Jesus was safe and holy.

Jesus was safe (Grace).  Not safe in the cautious sort of way.  Not safe in his radical life and teachings.  But safe to the people who came to him.  Think about it:  People felt remarkably safe in the presence of Jesus.  Outcasts, ragamuffins, prostitutes, pagans, beggars, and all those considered smitten by the religious establishment were welcomed by Jesus.  These people ran, pushed, and shoved their way into his presence.  They climbed up trees and dug holes through roofs… just to get to Jesus.  People wanted to be with Jesus.  He was safe.

Jesus was holy (Truth). When these people found their way to Jesus, their lives were transformed.  Sins were forgiven, bodies healed, stoning rocks fell harmlessly to the ground.  In the presence of Jesus, greed was transformed to generosity, legalism to grace, death to life.  Scripture shows us, time and time again, that it was rarely possible to be in the presence of Jesus and not be transformed.  Jesus changed everything!  He was holy!  He showed us what was most true about God, ourselves, and the world. 

We are cultivating a culture that is safe and holy.  We desire to be a church filled with grace and truth.