Our Practices

We want to be a church that lives what we believe.

Scripture shows us that the earliest followers of Jesus didn’t simply pass along a set of beliefs. They offered the world a new way to live.

These seven practices flow out of what we believe about God, and serve as guidelines for how we live in the kingdom of God as a community. 

We encourage and invite everyone at Grassroots to practice these things together, and share in the kind of life they create. 

Prayer.  We practice being in the presence of God.  We practice closing the door behind us, listening for God’s voice, and praying to our father in heaven.   We think prayer is as essential as breathing. 

Eating.  We practice sharing meals.  We practice breaking bread with friends and strangers.  We believe the table is a holy place.  And we believe life is best lived face to face. 

Blessing Others.  We practice blessing people with contagious love and grace. We practice living in such a way that our time, words, and actions give life to those around us.  We believe the church should bless the world like crazy. 

Serving.  We practice serving others, especially the poor and vulnerable.  We practice seeing peoples’ needs and humbling meeting them.  We believe faith and love demand action. 

Learning.  We practice studying the scriptures and seeking wisdom.  We practice letting God’s Word shape and transform our lives.  We want to eat the words of Jesus. 

Generosity.  We practice the joy of giving.    We practice giving as an act of thanksgiving, trust, and devotion to God’s Kingdom.  We believe the church should be the most generous community in the world. 

Celebrate.  We practice regularly gathering to worship and celebrate Jesus.  We believe Jesus gives us reason to sing, to give thanks, to pray, to proclaim, and to celebrate.