Our Strategy

Because life is busy, noisy, and complicated, we try to keep things simple.  In order to maintain this simplicity, we focus on 3 main things:

1. Sunday Worship.  Scripture teaches us to “not stop meeting together as some are in the habit of doing.”  So every week we gather together to worship, pray, listen to bible teaching, and experience the presence of God.  We believe this weekly rhythm is life-giving.

2. Groups.  There are over 50 “one anothers” in the Bible (pray for one another, serve one another, carry one another’s burden’s, etc.).  Simply put, growing in your faith is BEST done in community.  If you are serious about growing as a person and follower of Jesus, it is time to join a group.  (Email Dan to find a group:  dan@grassrootsrockford.com)

3. Serve.  We believe our faith is meant to be put into action.  God designed us to serve beyond ourselves and impact the world around us.  Scripture teaches us that each of have a vital role to play in the church.  We work to help you find a place where your passions, talents, and spiritual gifts come together.  When this happens, you come more alive and your life become a blessing to others.  (Email Dan to learn about serving opportunities:  dan@grassrootsrockford.com)