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How to live-stream the church service

We've moved Sunday church services online for the foreseeable future (unless you hear from us that we're going face-to-face, just assume that we're going to be online). If you want to stay connected via email, click HERE to join our mailing list.


In the meantime, here are some tips to make sure you're able to watch our live-streams!


Our goal will be to start streaming right at 10 a.m. CST on Sunday mornings, but we won't start actually singing or sharing content until 10:05. That gives you five minutes to find the stream online and hop in!


If you're looking for the stream before 10, don't worry--it'll show up eventually!



First and foremost, you can view the live-stream on this website. Click on the link below to view live. If watching from your phone or another device, you may need to click on the video to fully expand it.

We'll be streaming the service from the Facebook page called "Grassroots Rockford," which is the public page that anyone in the world can see (that's different from the private group called "Grassroots Rockford Community," which not everyone can access).

We will be experimenting with streaming to YouTube too. If we switch to YouTube as the main platform, we will send an email letting people know about this change (either way we will still share the YouTube live stream to Facebook as another source to view).


A few minutes before 10:00 a.m., navigate to the Grassroots Rockford page on a computer, phone, or tablet, then scroll down until you see a live stream video show up (at approximately 10:00). Once the stream is up, you won't be able to miss it! 



Everyone's house and technology is different, so there are a lot of ways to watch! Here are just a few suggestions, some of which might work for you:

  • Small screen: You can watch straight on your computer, phone, or tablet, of course!

  • TV (with some Smart TVs): If you regularly stream online content to your TV through apps on your Smart TV or another device, you might be able to add the Facebook Watch TV app and watch us there. This won't work if you watch on a Roku (there's no Facebook app), but you should be able to find Facebook Watch TV apps on Amazon Fire, Apple TV, or Xbox One. (Of course, this technology always changes, so poke around and see what's current.)

  • TV (casting content from phone): There are ways to stream anything on your phone to your TV, if you have the right devices and some patience to set it up. Maybe you already have a Chromecast setup, or you use AirPlay, or some other app. There are lots of websites with advice on this, some just for iPhones and some for Android devices.

  • TV (HDMI cable): If you have a laptop and an HDMI cable (which includes both video and audio in a single cable), you might be able to connect your laptop directly to your TV. Once it's connected, use your TV remote to scroll through different HDMI inputs until you see your computer screen on the TV (This article shows you what an HDMI cable looks like, if you're not sure if that's what you're looking at or not).



Each week, we'll send an email to everyone on the Grassroots email list that includes a link to lyrics for the songs for the week as well as a run sheet for the morning. All you need to do is open the email, click the link on your phone, and you can sing along at home (easily--like a small, digital hymnal)! You might even want to meditate on the lyrics before the service starts, praying the words in the context of your own life.

If the stream happens to freeze up or "lag" just give it a second. Unfortunately, internet speeds have been dragging due to so many people actively streaming/being online as of late. If you happen to miss a large portion of the stream, the entire live-stream will be available for rewatching on Facebook and YouTube shortly after the live-stream is finished.


You might also want to have your Bible or Bible app ready since Evan's sermons will be scripture-centered (as always). And if you like taking notes, take notes!


And if it makes you feel more at home to eat a cookie or donut during the service, go ahead and do that too--everyone else probably is.

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